The team at J. Fortune Entertainment Ltd. are celebrating their 10th Anniversary with the launch of Jackpot Fortune Online Bingo and Casino. Starting out as online bingo and casino affiliates in June 2007, it was decided a logical route of expansion would be through leveraging our skills and creativity with the development of Jackpot Fortune. We were ready to take the next step.

As the industry is growing and becoming more mature, an important differentiator would be to develop our own software rather than doing white label contracts. White label opportunities do not offer sufficient flexibility that would allow us to enhance player experience nor the customization requirements that we would expect.

Two and a half years later, after substantial investment of time and money we are very pleased to provide you with jackpotfortune.win.

We understand that this process of development and customization is only in its infancy and we will be releasing new features as further development is completed.

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a winning brand that will increase your earnings potential. We hope your experience with us is both profitable and personally rewarding.